Upcoming events

Ark of Inquiry team will be present at the following upcoming events. For more information about the event, click on the name of the event.

Name of eventDateLocationPartner present
EARLI Conference25.29.08.2015Limassol, CYUCY
A workshop for French teachers on Ark of Inquiry22.09.2015Paris-Nîmes, FREADN
Scientix Conference11.12.09.2015Tallinn, EEUT
Researchers' Night Festival25.09.2015Venice, ITUNESCO
Conference in Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie 10.10.2015Paris, FREADN
Fête de la scienceîmes, FREADN
Ministerial Global Education Industry Summit19.20.10.2015Helsinki, FIUT
Tartu City Education Festival20.10.2015Tartu, EEUT
Festival della Scienza12.10–01.11.2015Genova, ITUNESCO
2nd European Conference for Science Journalists01.03.11.2015Budapest, HUUNESCO
UNESCO World Science Forum04.07.11.2015Budapest, HUUNESCO
Teacher conference for French teachers12.10.2015AndorraEADN
Interpedagogica12.15.11.2015Linz, AT
Science Festival, LU
National Meeting of French Biology teachers20.22.11.2015Paris, FREADN
International Conference on Computers in Education ICCE 201530.11-04.12.2015Hangzhou, CNUT
Mediteranean Sea Connects Us: Progress in Education with Local Communities09.13.12.2015Crete, GRBEKAS
Association of Science Education Annual Conference 201606.09.01.2016Birmingham, UK
International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education17.18.03.2016Florence, IT
ECSITE Annual Conference 20169.11.06.2016Graz, ATBMBF
ESOF 2016 EuroScience Open Forum22.27.07.2016Manchester, UK
ICASE 2016 / World Science and Technology Education Conference01.11–05.11.2016Antalya, TRBEKAS