Project overview

Scientix webinar "Recommendations for Teachers from the Ark of Inquiry project"

Ark of Inquiry is a research and development project funded by the European Commission, involving 13 project partners from 12 countries. 

Ark of Inquiry project aims to raise awareness of pupils to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) by promoting an interest in science through inquiry learning

The overall aim of the Ark of Inquiry project is to create a “new science classroom”, one which would provide more challenging, authentic and higher-order learning experiences and more opportunities for pupils to participate in scientific practices and tasks, using the discourse of science and working with scientific representations and tools.

In the Ark of Inquiry project a platform is developed through which carefully selected inquiry-based activities will be made widely available across Europe. This platform will bring together inquiry-based activities, learners and supporters (teachers, university students, researchers, staff of museums and universities).

To support teachers, the Ark of Inquiry project will provide face-to-face training for teachers so that they will be able to support and motivate the pupils in their inquiry-based activities. Furthermore, we will develop supportive web-based materials for all of the supporters working with the Ark of Inquiry project. 

AoI Kick-off meeting in Tartu